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I am a retired conductor for a commuter railroad in Chicago IL, I now live in and have bought a 40 acre farm in South Central Iowa that I have built from the ground up. My wife and I are trying to raise and grow most of my own food using sustainible and organic methods. I have a blog that journals my journey to becoming a farmer.

We Have a New variety of Apple.

I am so happy to see some of our apples trees starting to bloom here in south central Iowa, especially this tree. This tree was from a graft I did from a wild apple tree growing in a ditch along … Continue reading

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Silent Night

I shot this picture the other night of our chicken coop with a heat lamp on to help keep our chickens warm during the sub zero temperatures we are experiencing in south central Iowa. I thought it was pretty cool … Continue reading

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Still living the Dream

Hi everyone, we are all well and we are still living the dream here in south central Iowa on our 40 acre farm. Sorry  it has been a long time since I have posted, it seems Like once you start … Continue reading

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A Fruitful Legacy

I often think about the legacy that I will leave behind when I pass away. Things like my children and grandchildren and this farm will be part of that legacy. But also think my many heirloom apple and other fruit … Continue reading

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The End

Hi everyone, I have some sad news that we are selling our farm and that means ending this blog. Sometimes your dreams and the life you plan for doesn’t mean it’s the life you are supposed to have and thats … Continue reading

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Hawkeye Apples

As we start farming and planting on our own farm, I am always looking for plants and animals that we like and want to grow. Last year my brother Smokie bought an older home in Iowa and it has this … Continue reading

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Harvested First Deer Of The Season

During the early muzzle loader season here in Iowa, I was able to harvest our first deer. It is a small buck by Iowa standards but will provide a lot of good meat. I plan to get one more deer … Continue reading

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Back To Work

Sorry everyone I haven’t posted in awhile I have been taking the summer off. We bought a used fishing boat and have Been putting out our “Gone Fishing” sign. It was nice to take off some months after working 11 … Continue reading

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Working With Mother Nature And The Bullhead Catfish.

Here at Milligan’s Gander Hill Farm we have learned the hard way to try and work with mother nature instead trying to work against her. Take for instance our pond. We have tried to have our pond be clear and … Continue reading

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Learning How To Plow

I recently bought this two bottom plow to put in our garden and to put in food plots for deer on our farm here in south central Iowa. I have been excited to finally get to use it so this … Continue reading

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