1913 Old Town Canoe.

1913 Old Town Canoe I bought at an estate sale last week.

1913 Old Town Canoe I bought at an estate sale last week.

We have a canoe that I just bought this past weekend at an Estate sale.  Its just not any canoe, this is an Old Town canoe built in 1913 and had been hanging in a garage for over thirty years. The guy had bought it to restore it but just never finished it.

1913 Old Town Canoe

All these old canoes have a serial # stamped into the wood on the bottom and the Old Town Canoe company is still in business and can tell you what year it was built and where it was shipped to. This canoe was shipped to a dealer in Chicago.


I bought this 102 year old canoe not to restore it (which I may someday) but to hang it in the great room of our log home. How cool is that? I figured this would have a lot of interest at the estate sale but no one seemed to be interested in it so we got it for a song.

The canoe is made from mahogany wood that has a beautiful patina.

The canoe is made from mahogany wood that has a beautiful patina.

This canoe would have originally had a green canvas skin on it so it would float but I plan to just hang it like it is because I think it looks great this way. It looks like it should be in a history museum somewhere and it will go great with the old hunting and fishing lodge theme we are going with. I am really excited about it and this will help give our home the wow factor when people come over.

1913 Old Town Canoe

The canoe is 17 ft long and was the Ideal Model.


As promised from my last post, I’ll explain how I wrecked our truck again. We had driven to Des Moines to have dinner with my daughter and our newest grandchild and on the way back it was dark and on hyw 65 just south of Liberty Center, Iowa we hit a deer square on with our truck. The deer was killed instantly and was knocked across the road into the ditch. It did over 2500.00 in damage to our truck and I must say it shook us up a little and from now on will be on the look out when driving at night in Iowa.

About Gordon Milligan

I am a retired conductor for a commuter railroad in Chicago IL, I now live in and have bought a 40 acre farm in South Central Iowa that I have built from the ground up. My wife and I are trying to raise and grow most of my own food using sustainible and organic methods. I have a blog that journals my journey to becoming a farmer.
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11 Responses to 1913 Old Town Canoe.

  1. That’s a lovely canoe, and it should be a real conversation starter! If you’re already decorating the house, you’re getting close! 🙂
    I’m really sorry about your truck, but glad you weren’t hurt. That’s so scary!

  2. Thanks Susan, it is starting to get close and we are starting to get excited. I talk about it everyday and can’t wait.

  3. Great find! Sorry about the deer vs. truck accident. If you start looking around, you’ll probably see some trucks with fancy, chrome, protected fronts.

  4. grasspunk says:

    Smart to not restore it. It is so old it could be worth more in original condition and, more importantly, it looks awesome just as it is.

  5. Bill says:

    Beautiful find. That’s going to be an awesome addition to your home. Sorry about your truck. Deer are the deadliest animals in the country. A couple of people have been killed in our county this year from vehicle/deer collisions.

  6. katieperlot says:

    I just discovered your blog and am so excited to follow your progress! Decided this would be a suiting post to comment on ‘as we are in the same boat’ thinking of plans for our pole barn home!
    For your beautiful canoe, google some images of ‘canoe light fixture’ for fun ideas you might be able to incorporate it into. Please keep writing!

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