Flooding Update

Our grass seed has started to grow.

Our friend Tom took this picture this past week and it shows our grass seed has started to grow.

My friend Tom went to our farm this past week to check on our grass seed to see if any has come up and I am happy to report not all was lost because of the flooding. He said there is a lot of green grass growing all over the Levy where we planted the seed and even places where we didn’t. As you can see from the photo above, grass is growing where we didn’t plant it. It was probably blown there from the strong winds or the flooding not sure which. Grass seed needs to be kept moist to help it germinate and with all the rain they have had there these past several weeks has created perfect conditions for this to happen.

The area left of our pond doesn't look to have flooded.

The area left of our pond doesn’t look to have flooded.


About Gordon Milligan

I am a retired conductor for a commuter railroad in Chicago IL, I now live in and have bought a 40 acre farm in South Central Iowa that I have built from the ground up. My wife and I are trying to raise and grow most of my own food using sustainible and organic methods. I have a blog that journals my journey to becoming a farmer.
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10 Responses to Flooding Update

  1. Tamicia Coleman says:

    Very good news!

  2. hope says:

    All your hard work is coming to fruition. Yayyy

  3. So glad the flooding didn’t wipe everything out and that you have grass coming up. I know you’re relieved. Now if you get any more rain and don’t want it, please send it down south! 😉

    • Thanks Susan, I just got off the phone with my friend Tom and he said another rain storm was hitting his place again. I know if they could send you some of this they sure would. They don’t need anymore now. This is the way its been the last few years there, in the spring they get tons of rain and during the dogs days of summer its like some one shuts off the water and they have drought. This is one reason we wanted this big reservoir of water to tide us over during the dry months.

  4. Langela says:

    Looks good! Huge storm hit here today. I’ve never seen it rain so hard! We got half an inch in just about 15 minutes but it was very short-lived.

  5. Bill says:

    Glad to see this. We had 3 inches of rain this week, causing even more erosion in my freshly tilled gardens. But today I noticed the buckwheat and oats are coming up strong. And in some areas where we’d put down straw to fight the last flooding, grass is coming in thick. Gotta love nature’s resilience.

  6. Thanks Bill for stopping by and I too am amazed at natures resilience.

  7. Carl Wiersma says:

    Gordon: Glad everything is ok. Thought you might be interested in the rain barrel program in Porter County. Link is below. I have ordered 4 from them in the past and they are so reasonable at $53, good quality too. They do the program every year. Hope you are doing well, have not seen you on the train, you are probably working a different shift. -Carol Wiersma

    • Hi Carol thanks for the link for the rain barrels, I will check it out. I have been on a different assignment but will be changing back in a week or two. See ya then.

  8. purlygirl2 says:

    You forgot to write about how I, your wife, told you all the grass seed couldn’t have been washed away. I sowed it after all.

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