The New Gander Hill Pond

View from building site of the new pond you can't see the true size of the pond.

View from our building site of the new pond. From this view, you can’t see the true size of the pond.

We drove the 6 hour drive this past weekend to Iowa to see the new pond that was just finished on our farm and we are happy the way it turned out.

A closer view shows you just how big the pond is now. It covers close to 4 acres by my guess.

A closer view shows you just how big the pond is now. It covers close to 4 acres by my guess.

My cousin Swede who was the bulldozer operator and is 81 years old did a very good job and moved a lot of dirt around in 5 days.

View from top of Gander Hill.

View from top of Gander Hill where you can see our building site and our pole barn we finished last summer.

He built us a small dike so we can reach the pond even during wet times where we couldn’t before. I don’t think we have to worry about it drying up now and the pond will act as a big reservoir for our livestock watering needs and will provide some nice views from the building site of all the wildlife who like to use this pond when water is in it. We didn’t make this pond a real deep pond for fish because this whole bottom ground floods at least once a year. If we were to stock fish in it, the fish would escape when it would flood. That doesn’t mean we won’t be able to fish in it. White Breast Creek which flows into Lake Red Rock is only about fifty yards away has fish and I think fish will get into it when it floods and fills up our pond. There was probably fish in our old pond, I know we saw fresh water clams in there and lot of Raccoon tracks when we walked around it when it was dry.

The pond is only about 5 feet deep in the deepest part.

The pond is only about 5 feet deep in the deepest part.

We would have liked for it to be much deeper, but with our budget we opted for the larger less deep pond instead of a smaller deeper one.

We think once the pond fills up and we get the banks planted with a pasture mix, it will really look great.New Gander Hill Farm

The plan was to see the new pond and get some more work done and to plant a tree on top of the hill before water started getting into the pond, but I became really sick and it was the flu that has been going around that others had told me about. I stayed in our motel room from 2:00pm Saturday afternoon until 8:00am Sunday Morning. I had a very high fever  and almost had my wife take me to the hospital. I know my wife thinks men are pansy’s when it comes to being sick, but this was no joke. I hope none of you get this strain of flu virus.

That’s it for now, I will try to get out the next farm report next week.

About Gordon Milligan

I am a retired conductor for a commuter railroad in Chicago IL, I now live in and have bought a 40 acre farm in South Central Iowa that I have built from the ground up. My wife and I are trying to raise and grow most of my own food using sustainible and organic methods. I have a blog that journals my journey to becoming a farmer.
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14 Responses to The New Gander Hill Pond

  1. Hope says:

    I am so sorry to hear you are sick! I am trying to fight a cold. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Langela says:

    It really sucks being sick when you are away from home! Especially with something so exciting happening. Hope you feel better soon, Gordon. Oh! And men ARE big pansies whether they’re really sick or not. ☺

    The pond looks great and one good rain should fill it up pretty quickly. Ours filled very quickly when we had it re-dug and it was a really deep pond, though not as big as yours or in a flood plain.

    It’s so nice you can do things a little at a time to the property while you wait to move. At least you get to have fun planning and working during the years of waiting.

    • Thanks langela, I know us men are pansies when it comes to being sick or not. I think we like getting waited on.

      We are doing what we can now, a little at a time when the budget allows and it is fun to see it slowly growing. I guess we are growing a farm and growing a couple of farmers. Hey, what a good title for a new post.



  4. Jewels says:

    Looking good, Gordon! Wow a 4 acre pond?! Nice! Sorry to hear you got so sick, hope you’re all recovered now. 🙂

  5. Zephyr Hill says:

    I had left a reply on my iPad while I was traveling, but I see it didn’t post. I wish you much more success with your pond than we’ve had with ours! A pond is a wonderful asset! Good job!

    • Thanks Susan, I do have trouble on your site some times when I try to comment. I have to put in my web address milligansganderhillfarm and then it tells me I am not owner of that domain. It then doesn’t give me a link back to your site with my comment still in tack. I then have to start over and lots of times I just give up. It doesn’t happen every time, but it happens enough to frustrate.

  6. That’s a nice size pond. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to figure out how to make the seasonal flooding work for you in some way.

  7. Jilly Bee says:

    Hey Gordon,
    I have been coming back to check your progress. Hope you feel better soon. I am redoing my garden and will be using the advice on how to iprove soil. My hubby and I are also farmers at heart and looking forward to his retirement in a couple of years. Our interest are very similiar so its good to have someone who shares your view. Keep the post coming! Happy New Year!

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