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I was just on some farmers blog and the farmer was talking about running out of things to blog about and I commented “Try having a farm blog and not be farming yet”. I do struggle to come up with stuff to post about and I have to be very creative to come up with interesting things so people keep reading my blog.  So I have come up with a new idea. Even though I am not in the market to buy a farm now I still love to look at farms that are for sale.  I have also noticed people who read farm blogs seem to be interested in that kind of thing too. My idea is to do posts every now and then called Iowa Farms For Sale. In these posts I will be featuring an actual farm that is for sale in Iowa and giving my opinion what one could do with them  if they purchased  it. Like I did on the post A Farm Of Interest. Please give me your feed back on this post,  I need every ones opinion on whether Iowa Farms For Sale is a good idea.

centerville farm 3

First Post

First up is a picture perfect post card of farm for sale just a few miles outside Centerville Iowa for $299.000.00. If I liked to deal with people ( which I don’t, that is one reason why I am moving to the country) I would buy this 1870’s farm and turn this 23 acre beauty into a Bed and Breakfast farm. This property and house has all the charm one needs for a good farm income and could double as a bed and breakfast

Centerville farm

As you can see from the sign above the property is on the National Register of Historic Places and it has been well-preserved by the current owners. The 23 acres are a mixture of pasture and timber with a 2 acre pond with 3 bridges and a gazebo. It also has a great looking barn.


I would market this Bed and Breakfast farm to families with children in Des Moines, Kansas City, and Chicago as a National Registered Historic farm still farming the way they did back in the late 1800’s. I see parents wanting to show their children where food comes from and what farm life is like. The guest could participate if they chose to in some of the daily farm activities, like gathering the morning eggs  or could help or watch the milking of the cows. They could help with some of the morning chores like feeding the animals, there they would have a chance to pet the animals, I have noticed Kids really love that sort of thing.

centerville farm 2

Every thing served for the breakfast would have been raised, grown or made on the farm.



The house has 6 bedrooms and 2 baths.


The house has a 6 acre yard so I would also have “Historic Farm Days” a once a year, two day event on a weekend where you would invite the people of Centerville and the surrounding communities to visit the farm for a tour of the historic farm and have a farmers market and invite other small farmers to come and sell their products too. You could have an exhibit of heritage breed animals like Highland cattle and  Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs and chickens that were grown back in the 1800’s and invite other farmers who raise other Heritage breeds to show their animals.


You could have a blacksmith there to demonstrate how they made horse shoes back then, or quilt makers workshop on how to make quilts. You could show how they made candles and soap back then too. You could have activities for families like hayrack rides, bobbing for apples, and cow pie throwing contest. You could even have a fishing contest for the kids with the kid who catches the biggest fish would get some kind of prize. You do this so the town folk know about you so when they have relatives that come to visit they would be more apt to recommend your Bed and Breakfast instead of the Super 8 or some other similar chain that is usually what is found in small towns in Iowa.

centerville farm 5

You could also have a farm store where you would sell your grass-fed beef, pork, and chicken for people who want healthy hormone, and antibiotic free meats. I would sell organic chicken feed and other items that small hobby farmers would need in the area. It is just some ideas what one could do if they were the proud owners of this property.

I don’t know if this property is still available but I found it on Land Watch.

I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know if you did. Until next time please enjoy more photos of this property below


48L_06 48L_12 48L_16 48L_23

About Gordon Milligan

I am a retired conductor for a commuter railroad in Chicago IL, I now live in and have bought a 40 acre farm in South Central Iowa that I have built from the ground up. My wife and I are trying to raise and grow most of my own food using sustainible and organic methods. I have a blog that journals my journey to becoming a farmer.
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17 Responses to Iowa Farms For Sale

  1. langela says:

    That place is pretty. I didn’t know it had so much land. It sits in town/ on the edge of town so I never really looked into it. I’ve been by there because our pool guy lives down that street. The interior of that place is amazing! Your ideas sound like a place up by Des Moines- Living History Farms. They have several villages set up and run in historic dress, etc. It’s one our favorite places to go. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have mini learning demonstrations in the area.

  2. Aunt Mary says:

    I think this place is beautiful and I can’t figure out where it is, not that I would ever buy it unless I was younger and richer. The pictures really do it justice. My hubby may know where it is. He knows more than I do about Centerville. When we go, we just eat and shop a little, then back to the campground.

    • Hi Aunt Mary, good to hear from you. Yes the farm is just outside of Centerville, that is one reason I think the B and B would work. This would be for someone young who needs to make most of their money from the farm.

    • langela says:

      Mary, as you’re going east on Hwy 2 and pass the police station up the hill, there is a road on the right side that cuts back west. There is a sign for midwest covers, a pool company. Take that road back west, around the curves, down the hill and back up and as you turn to the left, you will see it up on the hill.

  3. Zephyr Hill says:

    This is an interesting idea for posts. I have a weak spot for Victorian houses–and one with a farm, too! Wow! That’s a gorgeous house and beautiful land. You could also do weddings there.

    • Hi Susan, Great idea about having weddings there. I think that would work. I do love these painted ladies and I bet you love yours. These old houses have so much more charm then the new ones.

      So you think this idea for post will work?

      • Hi cousin, I wouldn’t want to have to paint that house and a house like that would take a lot to maintain. I just want to do fun stuff when I retire like farming. Mowing that 6 acre yard every week wouldn’t be fun.

      • Zephyr Hill says:

        Yes, I think this idea will work, Gordon. Look at all the comments you’ve gotten! This is kind of like Pinterest for farms. 🙂 You know, letting you dream about what if, if you could . . . And yes, I LOVED my old Victorian house, but it was so much maintenance which is one reason the house here on the farm was so enticing: a lot less character, but vinyl siding and Trex trim! Hardly anything to paint . . . except barns! There’s always something!

  4. Sandy Krell-Andre says:

    How fun! I am not interested in buying a farm. (In fact, as I am getting older, our small acreage in the country feels like it’s getting to be a handful, but maybe that is just because I’m still working.) But I love fantasizing about a property as beautiful as that one. And Zephr’s idea about a place for weddings is spot on.

    • Hi cousin, I wouldn’t want to have to paint that house and a house like that would take a lot to maintain. I just want to do fun stuff when I retire like farming. Mowing that 6 acre yard every week wouldn’t be fun.

  5. Jewels says:

    What a lovely, awesome place!

  6. Beautiful place! Great idea to post farms for sale. Everyone loves to dream for a few moments about what could be.

  7. Gordon, I’m not sure this is a good idea. I read some more of your blog and realized you already purchased your farm. Congratulations! If you and your wife are committed to this farm, posting about others will just dilute your thinking. Two years is going to go by very quickly. You only have two more growing seasons before you live there. I’m excited for you.

  8. Thanks Matthew, we are excited and committed to this farm. Its not near perfect but we have decided to make it the best farm we can.

  9. Good. I was thinking about your flooding problem. There must be some way to turn this problem into an asset. You’re getting water and sediment and who knows what else every time the river floods.

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