Pole Barn House

Pole Barn Constructed House

If you were to drive out in rural areas in Iowa the chances are you will come across a pole barn constructed house. Lots of these are being built now for cottages, hunting cabins, and homes. They are built the same way as a pole barn, but with more windows and doors. Because you don’t have the cost of a foundation ( usually a slab is poured after the structure is built) and it takes less time in labor costs and less material to build them, it greatly brings down the cost of  these type of buildings. With an all metal roof and siding there is little maintance, and is guaranteed to last 50 years. Compare that to a  coventional built  house.

Another example of a pole constructed house.

If  the slab floors and  6 inch walls  are well insulated they can be very energy efficient and most of all… since it is pole constructed are taxed at a lower rate then a coventional built homes. Most counties in Iowa if the pole barn house is in a rural area don’t require a building permit. Lucas county where my farm is only requires a permit for the septic system. So you can see why a lot of people are building these for homes.

In this post I will show you the style of bole barn house I plan to build in 3 years and I will show you the inside of what my pole barn house will look like with pictures  I took while the guy down the road was building his. He did it all for under 75,000 dollars and you won’t believe how much house you can get for your money. Now to do this all for under 75,000 you have to be willing to do most of the inside work yourself.

The above picture is my neighbors 30 x 40ft with 12ft high walls pole barn house. The 75,000 included his septic system, rural water hookup, and power ran to his house from the electric company.

The house I plan to build will look a little different than my neighbors and similar to the two story house below. I got this from APB Pole Barns.

APB Pole Barns

To get detailed building plans for this two story home and sealed plans signed by an engineer licensed in your state go to http://www.pole-barn.info/pole-barn-homes.html


I will build a passive solar designed pole barn house where I will have lots of windows facing the south with an 6ft porch overhang so when the sun is higher in the summer it will not heat up the house. I will also have radiant floor heating installed in the concrete slab.

Radiant floor heating layout

The roof will have scissor type trusses on 16 ft high walls with a great room like in the photos below of my neighbors place.

I also plan to have a big stone fireplace like he put in.

I will also have a loft that will have a 2nd bedroom and bath, similar to his.

Pole barn houses are easy to add on to. this is a picture of my friend Tom’s house where he is adding on a 24×30 ft garage 3 years after he built the house.

I think the place looks great and you can see these homes look like a coventional house on the inside. When I build my pole barn house I will do a post on each step so others can see how it is done. Until then enjoy more pictures of my neighbors house down below.


About Gordon Milligan

I am a retired conductor for a commuter railroad in Chicago IL, I now live in and have bought a 40 acre farm in South Central Iowa that I have built from the ground up. My wife and I are trying to raise and grow most of my own food using sustainible and organic methods. I have a blog that journals my journey to becoming a farmer.
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127 Responses to Pole Barn House

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Gordon
    The picture you have with the two dormers is a pole barn? How can I get the plans for this one>

  2. Les Kreitzer says:

    Gordon, the picture at the top of this page is the style of pole barn house I’d like to build, where is this home and/or pictures of it?

    • Hey Les, sorry I don’t know know where this house is. I got the picture on the net and couldn’t tell you where it is. If you would take this picture to any pole barn builder they can build it for you. Just find a floor plan that will work.

  3. Kitten says:

    Hello! You started this in 2012 and stated you were going to build a pole barn home in 3 years. That would’ve been in 2015. Did you ever build one, or not yet? Thanks!

    • Hi Kitten, we are currently working on our home and started in April of 2016. We decided that we would build it using regular framing, but we did make the home look like a pole barn home using the same metal siding and styling of a pole barn. Go to our categories section and look for building our home to see pictures of that. Thanks for checking us out.

  4. Loran R or Patricia K Haas says:

    We built our home inside a 48’x105′ Morton post frame machine shed in 2003. Living quarters were allotted 18′ by 48′ – the rest is garage and shop on a working farm. We have two levels as our sidewalls are 16′. The main floor has a great room (kitchen, dining, livingroom), master bedroom and bath and laundry. Upstairs has a family room and 2 bedrooms. We have radiant floor heat on the bottom level and upstairs has electric panels. We have two ductless AC units. Only regret is not putting in central air when we built.

    • The house sounds like what a lot of people who read this blog like. Could we get you to send me a few pictures, I would like to share them on here because I know a lot of people would be interested in. Just show us the outside of the building and how you built it inside of the Morton machine shed. Hope to hear back from you. You can send me the pictures at gordonmilligan56@gmail.com

  5. Anna D says:

    @ Gordon Milligan, that it is my desire to live in a barn, convert it into a home,but my income is so low, no good credit, am 51, I live day by day check by check,I would like to know if there is a way to buy an old barn and little by little remodel I live in Illinois and I have no idea how to start,help please

    • Thanks Anna for checking us out my blog and commenting. I am sorry, even just buying a piece of property with an existing pole barn takes a good chunk of money these days. I know how it is living pay check to pay check, when my kids were young thats what we had to do. If you do buy some property in Illinois they have many regulations and permits you would have to get. The best thing you could do is draw up some floor plans for your existing barn and you could do a little at a time when you have money to do so. First thing you would have to know where all your plumbing fixtures are going to go and put in the plumbing and septic system first. Then you could frame walls as you go. If you are really serious about this you need to start educating yourself on all building know how. I wish you luck and hope it happens for you.

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