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Our Visit to Royal M Farm

My wife and I wanted to see for ourselves what Scottish Highland were like and have a chance to talk with in person  a farmer who raises them to see if all they say about Highlands are true. This is … Continue reading

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Scottish Highland Cattle

When we start to farm 3 years from now we want to have a pasture based farm. That is a farm that just feeds grass and hay to their livestock with out adding any grains, like corn or soybeans. Most … Continue reading

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Pole Barn House

If you were to drive out in rural areas in Iowa the chances are you will come across a pole barn constructed house. Lots of these are being built now for cottages, hunting cabins, and homes. They are built the same way as … Continue reading

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Our New Pole Barn

One of our main goals for 2012 was putting in a new pole barn to store our tractor. We were keeping our tractor at my friend Tom’s place. He lives about 8 miles from our farm and he had a … Continue reading

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Memories Of Old Barns

Every farm needs a barn, if your farm has a old barn that was built before 1960, I envy you. Barns to me say farm, and they add a certain charm and romance to the place. As a kid growing up in the … Continue reading

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